Having a baby, a toddler, both, or multiples of both is crazy, fast pace and eventful enough without all the cleaning that comes naturally with kids. No one really tells you just how much cleaning there will be on a daily basis although they certainly feel obligated to tell you all the things that you should or shouldn't do as a parent but not about one of the most frustrating and tiring tasks as a parent. 

We hear you and we know what you are going through, so we have designed a unique range of waterproof, wipeable baby Play Mats with features that are made to make messy moments easier and cleaner anywhere your little ones go. 

Where to use our baby Play Mats and why

1. Outdoor Park, Garden or Beach Picnic's

Easily fold and pack your baby Play Mat into its 100% Hemp Canvas storage bag, pack into the pram or car and take with you on your next outdoor picnic. The double sided waterproof vegan leather material creates a smooth and comfortable surface that allows you to easily wipe down with a clean damp cloth or baby wipe once you are done. Your baby Play Mat is always ready to go for the next outdoor picnic. 


2. Indoor Mess Catcher

Create a clean space while protecting your floors from all the food that is often dropped or thrown from our little mess makers eating or when little toddlers are getting messy during creative play and cooking.

The double sided design feature stops the mat from slipping, folding over, or bunching up if walked/run over. It also allows for the baby Play Mat to be wiped clean with a damp clean cloth more easily on slippery floor surfaces and can even be vacuumed cleaned. 

The edges are sealed with binding to stop spills off the baby Play Mat as well as to stop mould and staining. 


3. Outdoor Gardening 

Gardening can be messy enough on little hands and bodies, important enriching soil can often be lost into the surrounding grass or garden beds when accidently tipped over which is why our Large Play Mat is the perfect gardening assistant for little mess makers or even big mess makers to keep knees dirt free, or fold for extra padding when kneeling. Our Play Mats make for the perfect spill catcher so you can easily wipe or pour back into your pot or garden bed. 

Shop our range of waterproof and wipeable Play Mats online now and let your little ones enjoy getting messy and creative. 

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