Don't fear the messy meal!

It's an exciting time when your baby starts their journey of learning to eat, whether its spoon-feeding or baby-led weaning but what most first time parents don't expect to endure on this journey is the MESS our little mess makers create. 

The journey will start off deceiving, with your baby only dribbling out little amounts of food, this sounds simple and not so messy and in reality it is, but once their little minds start to develop more and expand into the wonders of what different food textures feels like or they decide they don't like the taste of the food you have worked hard on preparing for them, the game changes.

Peas become balls that they use to see how far they can throw them across the room, sweet potato mash becomes a body moisturiser, chicken bribes the dogs to perform tricks for them and pasta is the race to who can suck up the spaghetti the quickest, a game creating the perfect mess. 

With this meal time mess comes increased washing of their clothing and yours. No one enjoys the task of washing, folding an putting away clothes as it is and now that your little one has become their food journey that amount increases...but it doesn't have to. 

Our LITTLE bare henni team have designed a versatile baby and toddler bib that is designed to reduce the amount of mess and create a easier and quicker clean up that requires no washing of clothing, well their clothing. 

Our baby Modern Waterproof Bibs are designed with a soft vegan leather material that creates a modern minimalist style that is non spill, waterproof, stain resistant and durable so that these specialised bibs can be passed down to the next little mess maker saving money.

Our premium vegan leather material contains no nasties while reducing the need for machine washing or chemical use to clean, making our baby Modern Waterproof Bibs

What makes our baby Modern Waterproof Bibs different to the rest is that our Baby Bibs can be unclip for easier cleaning as well as a versatile use as a toddler apron to be used during messy cooking or sensory play activities. 

Make your life or a life of a little mess maker easier and cleaner and shop our LITTLE bare henni baby Modern Waterproof Bibs online now and sit back and enjoy the endless funny photo's your little mess makers are sure to give you and enjoy the messy meal times. 

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