The Best Nappy Caddy

How often do you find your self yelling out for help to anyone in the house or running around in a mad panic because you can't find the nappy's or wipes that you desperately need at that very moment because if you leave your darling little mess maker they will roll over, or worse... crawl or run off with putting dreaded poo everywhere.

It's ok, we get it and have been in the same messy position. Which is why we have designed the Best Nappy Caddy that is durable, versatile and made to last for years to come. Our vegan leather material is durable, waterproof and stain-resistant, making our Nappy Caddy wipeable so that they always stay looking clean and new.

With 7 external pockets to allow for all the essentials to fit, custom internal dividers so you can make the perfect configuration for you, an adjustable shoulder strap, so you can carry with ease or attached to your pram, and handle straps so that you can quickly and easily grab your Nappy Caddy for those urgent messy moments.

Little Bare Henni Best Nappy Caddy Australia


Little Bare Henni Best Nappy Caddy Australia


Keep in the pram, the car, in the lounge room, in the nursery... anywhere your littles ones are our Little Bare Henni Nappy Caddy will be there too, helping making those messy moments easier and cleaner. 

Little Bare Henni Best Nappy Caddy Australia

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